I had a client come to me yesterday and say “Nancy , I screwed up” .

🧁 I responded “Temptation is normal ! I get it .God knows I have my share.”

🍩 As a Health and Fitness Coach I find greater success managing both the mental and physical aspects of my clients. My motto is “manage the mind and you will manage the body”. Coaching your mind is just as important as managing your body. Temptation is an emotional response so don’t beat yourself up because food cravings are normal and it is okay once and awhile. However, if we reframe our minds to think, it is something you “want” and not “need” that immediate “impulse or urge” of temptation does not feel so out of control because your mind is now in control rather than your emotions.

Make sense? So, the next time you have food cravings with an immediate impulse or urge to have it :

⬇️ 1) Reframe your mind: Tell yourself “ this isn’t a forbidden food, it is something I can’t have right now, but I can some other time.

2) Step back and distance yourself from the craving. Ask yourself “ is this only because I feel like I can’t have it?”

3) Be consciously aware of your state of mind: Is this an emotional response to eating or a habit? Once your mind digests that in your subconscious your YOU GAIN CONTROL of your actions to resist. Hope this helps ! Drop a Comment if you agree.