3 Life lessons I’ve learned at 40-something I wish I’d known at 20-something…

Isn’t’ funny how we look back at different times in our lives and think “ WHAT was I thinking?” What was important then isn’t now as priorities change

I do that all the time! All I know is that those moments taught me many lessons and I am sure the same with many of you. Every year that passes, every milestone is a celebration of becoming my best self. Right?  But this is what I did learn

✅ YOU are more Confident in your 40s

When you are 20 you fear aging, you dread turning 30, and 40 is something you can’t even visualize. But as the years pass, and you hit your 40 plus years, you realize that your 50s are better than your 40s, and 40s better than your 30s. WHY? Because you have gained, patience and perspective. Your experiences have taught you to become wiser and you learn that aging with grace makes you a confident, secure and damn proud sexy women….one that many 20-year olds wish they could be.

✅ You Are Who you Are..and all the external sh*T doesn’t matter

There is no such thing as never too late or too old.

I remember while in my 20’s I was always so concerned about whether I was going to hit those milestones “on time”. Do you remember that, feeling like “what if I am not married by 25 ”and what if I don’t have kids by 30”? You would put so much pressure on yourself, make rushed decisions, and then  end up with the wrong guy that treated you like a second-hand wallet, or the wrong fair-weather friends or end up with a job you hated.

As the years pass you become wiser and learn to take your time with decisions and that there is no pressure to have something done by a certain age. It’s never too late. As you enter  your 40’s you learn that you are number #1. You realize the things that you once yearned for; you no longer want. Your 40s and 50s are about making life decisions that benefit yourself in the long run…and when it happens it happens, it’s never too late

✅  Self-Care is so important because you are #1

In your 20’s you always take for granted that fiery metabolism you had. You would barely exercise, eat what you want, and people always told you that eating those late-night burgers would eventually creep up on you. As a 20-year old you felt your body was invincible. BUT in your 40s you appreciate your health, your mind-body and soul is one ! It’s not just about  what you look like! You learn to appreciate how you feel. The truth is “you are what you eat”, so you appreciate home cooking, new recipes and delicious healthy meals with some wine…

You appreciate your curves, your imperfections and do your best to age with grace, whether it’s a yoga class, massage, health retreat, meditation. Your self-care is a priority!