“I used to be” syndrome.
I am the coach that someone comes to when they are bridging 40 plus, when they have tried everything, and accept that maybe they are getting too old and will continue to live like this.
I call it living in the “I used to be “ syndrome. 😫
I understand because I have been through it. Living in the “ I used to be” syndrome when talking to friends, family or your significant other using the dialogue and self-talk of:
I am too old
I am too tired now…
…too injured…
…too busy…
..it’s just not for me….
You become like a broken record that you can’t even hear yourself talk about it any longer because you just have learned to accept the reality that maybe you will just have to “live with it being this way”. Sad isn’t it?
🌟I am the Master at “balance and moderation” because I know what is like to go through the “all or nothing” highs and lows. 🌟
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