CF Jan Feb 2016 snipweb

No matter how many years I have been in this Fitness Industry, no matter how many magazines I am in , I am always so grateful and humbled by each one. It is one thing, to inspire those in North America, but I am completely floored when I am able to inspire those across the world in different countries and continents, those of different nationalities, backgrounds and who speak different languages. What is fascinating is fitness has the ability to draw people from all walks of life together. Amazing! Thanks again to Italy’s Cultura Fisica Magazine featuring my article on modeling tips for your photoshoot. A big thanks to photographer Paul Buceta and Valeria Nova from Two chicks and some Lipstick for making me look FAB!!! On stands now in Italy….thanks to all fans for your wonderful emails..whether in English or Italian!

PS…. I will be sure to visit you all soon enough! Molti baci e molto amore