Marketing & Management Services for models and athletes

“A swaggering display of confidence and courage”

At Bravado Marketing and Management we will assist in your personal and professional career development

Our Mission:

At Bravado, our goal is to assist in bringing out the best in you!  It’s all about creating Marketing strategies to showcase your best talents!!

With Bravado Marketing, we will assist in

  • defining your goals,
  • development of a strong artist presentation for yourself,
  • packaging of your resume and talents to make your Brand, as well as
  • the most effective strategies in doing so

This is an individualized approach that start with building a portfolio, identifying your image, increasing your exposure, helping build your name and branding yourself.  Social Media strategies may be by way of internet, word of mouth or by helping you reach out to industry professionals that you may not typically be in proximity to.  Sometimes, aspiring models/athletes need to be directed and referenced into “the right hands” of people in “the scene”. More so they need to be mentored through the “ins and outs” of the industry.

Rates range from $300 – $500 monthly depending upon your goals, active input and what services apply to each individual.

Screening / Interview Process:

In considering clients of Bravado Marketing and Management, an initial phone consultation/interview will be conducted as part of the screening process in so that we may determine the suitability of the potential candidate.  In this we are looking for:

  • athlete/model’s level of commitment, dedication
  • willingness to make sacrifices
  • ability to take constructive criticism and suggestions,
  • understanding of what the nature of “marketing” entails
  • one who does not live their life on a “crutch of excuses”, rather one who is willing to “Be about it” not just talk about it.  Most importantly one who is willing to take ACTION, and go above and beyond measure to complete tasks.


Based on the above information an assessment will be made on suitability of the client and working with Bravado.  The decision will be based on your commitment as well as if Bravado can utilize your talent and motivation to market you.  Contracts and payment will also be discussed once a decision is made to work with Bravado.

Please rest assured all matters of discussion are held in confidence.

Getting Started:

This will differ depending on each person’s goals.  Each client will receive their own personalized set of monthly directives and goals.  These monthly directives are instructions and actions that you must take to move toward the goals at hand.  The directives act as a mentoring tool as well in guiding through what you need to market yourself.  The directives will evolve around items such as:

  • Who you need to contact
  • Who you need to meet
  • Where you need to be
  • How can you position yourself with the right people
  • What you need to build your fan base
  • What you need to build your portfolio
  • Who can we start to pitch to?
  • Researching of photographers
  • Decisions of anything you are looking at doing from websites, social networking pages etc.
  • What you need to do to increase your exposure
  • Any direction that I can follow through with you

The key is that we are working together to build you!

For further information about Bravado, please visit my Services page